The Spiritual is an Afro-American religious song.

It is the result of the meeting between the culture of the slaves deported from Africa and Christianity.

The Spiritual collects songs about slavery: songs of a people who thirst for freedom. They are generally interpreted without musical accompaniment in a solemn style.

If the white man was able to reduce the African tearing into slavery by his native land, he was never able to completely bind his soul. Often the pain and suffering of man have been sources of inspiration for artistic expression.

Two great meanings accompany the birth and evolution of the Spiritual: the religious significance and the intense desire for freedom.

The great metaphor of freedom that the black curtains were such as the sky, or the Jordan River.

The Spirituals embody the African spirit that meeting with the faith of the white man, lyrically it captures the images it contains and relives them according to their sensitivity.

The Spirituals are not operating a description of the real world, demand only the release from pain.

Something more than simple religious hymns: "the painful cry of an entire people."